Prayer for Prosperity

I recognize the powerful presence of God, this ever present Life Force that is everywhere in the Universe.  This Divine Life of Spirit is present in every space, every corner, every piece of our entire existence.  This One Life and One Spirit exists in and through everyone and everything.

I truly know that I am a unified part of this One Power and Presence.  This Power is within every cell of my being, every part of my presence.  This Power is me and reflected in everything around me.

I call forth and affirm right now, the knowing that I am prosperous in every area of my life.  My family, relationships, and love for myself and others has me in a place of great peace.  My health, career and my financial wellbeing are where I desire them to be.  I know that new and abundant opportunities are drawn to me in each moment and I open myself up to the great possibilities of my life.   I am receptive to all that is flowing towards me right now and I embrace and accept these gifts of grace with joy and love.

I am so grateful to accept and receive prosperity in imaginable and unimaginable ways.  I give so much thanks for Spirit working in and through me allowing me to open to my Highest Good.

I release this now to God, knowing it is already taken care of in the Mind of God.  I trust, release and let go, knowing it is done!

And so it is, Amen.