Prayer for Health

I am so grateful to recognize the one power and presence of love and beauty that I call God, Spirit, Universal Truth.  I know that God is everywhere in and through everything.  There is no place that God is not.

I know that truly God is my life, my source and my supply and that I am one with everything.

I know that I am one with the Divine Presence of God.  I claim now the release of fear and blockages on every level and I call forth and know that every cell in my body is filled with healing light and energy.  All my needs are met.  I know that God is loving, surrounding, uplifting and healing me right now and with every breath I take the healing is happening.  I trust in the knowing that all is well.

I am grateful to know the Intelligence of my body temple and that it has everything it needs to heal itself.

I release this prayer, knowing that God responds to it even before the word is spoken.  I know that the very highest is happening for me right now and always.

And so it is, Amen.