Prayer for General Good

I recognize there is one power and presence that is all loving. I know that my word is the word of power as I am connected to Universal Intelligence, Spirit.

I speak my word to set the Infinite truth into action.

It follows the Perfect Pattern in my body, my work and in my personal relationships.

I am a blessing to everyone I meet this day.

I know that I meet any experience successfully.

I now fill my horizons with the expectancy of good.

I live each day open hearted knowing that my good awaits me at every point and at every minute this day.

I know that I dwell in the light of the Healing Presence forever and that all my needs are met always.

I declare this to be the truth for myself and for all whose hearts are tuned to right action this day.

I am grateful to know all is in perfect unfoldment in my life in every area.

I release this word to the law of life and know it is done.

And So It Is.