Spiritual Counselling

In these 30 minute or 60 minute phone or skype sessions, Laurie works with you on all levels to help you shift energy and release any fears, negativity or anything stopping you from having a wonderful life.  These sessions help you to not only feel better within yourself, they also assist to get you back on track, feel more motivated and on purpose in your life.

These powerful phone sessions are like life coaching and help with health issues, relationship concerns, spirituality, work and career goals as well as empowering you to create more abundance, love and prosperity in your life.

In preparation for the session, I ask you to give some thought to the following questions and email  your answers to me before the session.


What do I want to change and let go of in my life?


What do I want to create and bring into my life?


What do I want to work on and where I am at right now in regards to:

  • My physical, emotional & mental health
  •  My Relationships
  •  My Self Esteem
  •  My work and career
  •  Spirituality


For more information on having a session with Laurie, email her directly at laurieleahlevine@gmail.com



“One of the many wonderful things about Laurie’s healing work is that she is able to remotely work with her clients.  This gives people like me, who lives in the United States, the opportunity to work with Laurie regardless of the time and space difference between us. During our sessions, Laurie has really tuned into me and helped to coach and guide me in the areas that I was finding most challenging. Her ability to communicate and share her sense of the situation always feels peaceful and loving. I am very grateful for Laurie and for the work she has committed herself to. Her passion for the work she does shines through each interaction”. A. White

“Laurie’s expert guidance helped me  to quickly shift to a more centred and peaceful place.  Laurie has such a strong intuitive ability and she knew just what I needed in order to trigger the answers that were already inside of me.” – Lisa Callinan