Beautiful, spiritual ceremonies just for you.

Are you getting married and want a beautiful ceremony? 

Do you want someone to officiate your special and sacred commitment ceremony?


Dr. Laurie Levine is an authorized Marriage Celebrant and officer of the Commonwealth.  She performs Wedding ceremonies and other rites of passage and sacred rituals and ceremonies including:

  • Renewal of Vows and Commitment Ceremonies (including same sex couples).  This is a beautiful ceremony and we create whatever you wish to make this day so special for you both
  • Baby and Child Naming ceremonies
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Going into Menopause
  • Healing Ceremonies  (such as surviving cancer, or even a relationship)
  • Home and office blessings
  • Memorial & Funeral Services
  • Emergence from hard times

Each ceremony celebrates something unique about you.  For everyone it will be something different (not just depending on your spiritual or cultural beliefs).  The ceremony I will help you to create will reflect this (with as much or as little assistance from me as you want or need).

By celebrating the passing from one phase of our lives into another, we are making a powerful statement to our family and friends.


Contact me now at laurieleahlevine@gmail.com and I will be happy to hear about your wedding or ceremony and help you to make it the most special, beautiful and memorable day.