About Dr Laurie

Dr. Laurie is the Spiritual Director and founder of Positive Living Spiritual Centre, Sydney. New Thought Minister, Spiritual Healer, Developer of Emotional Release Point Therapy and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Laurie has a new book out called,

The Power of Creating Through Affirmations.

Laurie is one of Australia’s most highly regarded healers and has been an intuitive healer/empath all her life.  Her healing work combines a variety of techniques including acupressure and cranial sacral. Laurie has had a healing practice for almost 25 years. Visit her website: www.laurielevine.com for more information about her healing work and Kundalini yoga and meditation classes and retreats.

In 1998, she began her studies in Metaphysics and became a Spiritual Minister and Counsellor. Laurie has 3 published books, Blessings of Gratitude and Spiritual Medicine and has written for many prominent magazines and newspapers such as Prevention, Nature and Health, Wellbeing, and West Australian.

From 2000-2004 Laurie continued her Ministerial studies in Science of Mind in Los Angeles at Agape with Dr. Michael Beckwith.  Dr Laurie is affiliated with Emerson Institute and Agape International Spiritual Centre in Los Angeles.

Laurie appears regularly on TV and radio and writes for several magazines and newspapers.  She continues to empower people globally by her work and presence.  Dr. Laurie’s passion is helping the children at Nepal Orphans Home in Kathmandu. Laurie raises money and visits these beautiful children every year and takes people from our centre with her.

If you want to make a difference to these children in Nepal go to: www.nepalorphanshome.org


Reverend  Dr. Laurie Levine packs a spiritual wallop with her joyous expression of Spirit. Whether by the written or spoken word, she is fantastic…our congregation loved her!” – Reverend Sue Rubin – Westlake Church of Religious Science, USA