Spiritual Practitioners

Our Spiritual Practitioners and practitioner students provide spiritual support and loving care for the community as well as prayer support.  They have been trained through the Emerson Institute in the U.S.A. with Dr. Laurie Levine as their instructor and mentor.  The foundation of this study is affirmative prayer and meditation.  The basis of the prayer treatment is what is known as a Spiritual Mind Treatment and comes from Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind Philosophy.

You can contact our practitioners directly or contact us through our Submit Prayer Request page.

PLSC Spiritual Practitioners

Jeanne Frost

Jeanne has been a spiritual practitioner with PLSC for about 4 years and is currently based in Queensland.  Please contact Jeanne for prayer or any other support.   She is there for you.

Contact Jeanne on Email:  jeannefrost@gmail.com

Charmaine Moore

Charmaine has been a spiritual practitioner with PLSC for about 5 years.   She is based in Queensland.   She has also completed studies as a Philosopher of Metaphysics (Ph.M) with the College of Divine Metaphysics.  Charmaine is available to do prayer and to support you by email.

Contact Charmaine on email: char.moore@bigpond.com

PLSC Spiritual Practitioners in Training

Lisa Callinan

Curtis Rigney

Become a Spiritual Practitioner

Would you like to make a difference in your life and in the life of others by becoming a spiritual practitioner?

Would you like to have a new career and feel connected and aligned with Spirit?

Would you like to help people know the truth about themselves?

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